My Garden Roots Run Deep

I’d like you to meet my Dad.

This is Mr. Johnson.  He owns and operates Rocky Peak Gardens on the land he grew up on in Southeastern Idaho.  He is both hardworking and generous.  His operation is chemical free and he takes care of the soil like it’s something he really loves.  And it loves him right back.

This guy is who taught me how to grow food.  We lived all over Indiana when I was growing up and there wasn’t a single house where we didn’t have a garden.  Every time we moved, we left a beautiful garden, a small orchard or garden boxes for the next owners.  Then we moved to Idaho and the fun really began.  We grew everything from tomatoes and okra to peaches and grapes and we ate every bit of it.  We all learned how to work, how to be producers, how to work together and how to garden.  All wonderful life lessons and I owe him a lot.

If you’re ever in Southeastern Idaho, look him up.  He loves to chat and I guarantee he’ll give you something for free.  He always does.

P.S. He also plays Santa during the Christmas Season, hence the white beard.  You’ll find in on Long Island this year.  He is the greatest Santa in the world and they’re lucky to have him.

So am I.


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