My Motivation for Creating “Produce Your Produce”

Hello there, I’m Dixie.  I’m a Mom to two beautiful boys, a farmer’s daughter and a home gardener.  My parents always had a garden when I was growing up and I’ve kept that tradition in my own family.  I’ve had really great gardens and I’ve made some really big mistakes, but I’ve always enjoyed the process.  And the produce.

When COVID-19 came along this spring, a friend called me and asked how I was doing and what my plan was with all the shortages.  I told her I was planting a garden.  She happened to be going through her own seeds as we were chatting, so we were on the same page.  Another friend called me to ask advice for her garden in Washington.  She and a friend were calling it their “Hope” garden, because a “Victory” garden seemed an overstatement at the time.

Through the summer I kept noticing signs that it was more than just a good idea to be growing some of my own food.

Then I started seeing actual signs like this:

And this:

And this:


Over the last several months, loads of friends who had never planted a seed before started asking me for advice about how to grow a garden, so I know I’m not alone here.

I knew it was really time to get growing!

Now, I don’t believe that fear is the best motivation to do anything, but I do believe a Plan B is always a good idea.  So, what I’d love is to see everyone growing some of their own food.  Whether you live on acres of land or in a small apartment like I do, I really feel it’s time for this skill set to come back into our everyday lives.

We need both the emotional zen that tending a garden brings AND the sense of security we are all craving in some pretty uncertain times.

I can coach you through if you’ve never done this before and I can offer some good advice even if you have.  I’ll design and install the whole thing for you if you want me to.  I’ve found some really great products to share.  Let’s do this.

Let’s all grow our own produce and this kitchen garden movement!


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